September 25, 2016

Transfame was pleased to announce that being the main Hook Up Commissioning (HUC) Contractor to an oil facility designed for a major oil and gas company in Sarawak waters, it achieved its first oil on September 25, 2016.

The oil facility which was constructed by the local Sarawak Fabricator, represented an important milestone to them as it used its local expertise to achieve the efficiency and safety standards during the construction of the facility. It sustained its current reputation in the EPCC market.

First Oil Sa-Sa 4/4First Oil Sa-Sa 1/4





First Oil Sa-Sa 3/4










“TFSB is honored to play its part in this project, which portrays its excellent exemplary record of a world-class HUC execution standard. Our clients can rely on our experience to deliver the desired results and to advance their projects on time and within budget. We are delighted to announce that the facility is now in production in the Sarawak waters,” says COO, Mr Tay Choon Hock.

The facility is a prime example of the safety and quality to which the project team is committed and it illustrates how a team effort – client, contractor, Transfame and third parties/vendors working together to achieve excellent QHSE results. With a vision from the outset for ‘No Harm to People, Environment or Assets’ and a mindset of working safely, the project achieved 83,921 HUC man-hours with NO Lost Time Incident.