Transfame in Collaboration with CIDB and ABM on the implementation of Local State Content Program for Sabah and Sarawak.


Mr Tay presented the Program to the officials from CISB,ABM and PETRONAS at ABM KK


Mr Tadzul Radim, Operation Head for Sabah ABM giving momento to Mr Tay during the visit.

8 March 2019 – Transfame CEO, Mr Tay Choon Hock presented the Local State Content Program to Mr Tadzul Bin Radim, Operation Head of ABM Sabah.  The meeting was attended by officials from CIDB and ABM including PETRONAS.

Utilizing on the current PAN Malaysian Maintenance, Construction and Modification Contract (PM-MCM) for year 2018-2023, Transfame will help to develop local Sabah and Sarawak resources to participate in the Oil and Gas Industry.

For the success of the program, it involved the collaborations of various parties including CIDB, ABM, PETRONAS, SHELL and TRANSFAME.

The meeting at ABM Kota Kinabalu achieved its objective in providing inputs to CIDB and ABM on the program’s Objective, the Program Details and Roles & Responsibilities. A tour of the Sabah ABM facilities was conducted after the meeting.

One of the agreements achieved in the meeting was the signing of initial MoU between CIDB, ABM and Transfame on the proposed program which will be initiated soon.