Transfame hit a home run on mobilization for offshore campaign from March to April 2019

Though there were ups and downs experienced throughout this campaign, Transfame managed to mobilize two of the enormous accommodation barges, with a capacity of 450 men and 500 men POB (Person On Board), and one accommodation work boat with 200 men POB in the span of less than two weeks.

The total headcount of manpower mobilized during this duration was approximately 450 pax and the number is increasing from time to time. These personnel were mostly appointed under direct hire and also through third parties – i.e. vendors and subcontractors.

As a way to convey and portray our commitment to support local resources, preponderance of the workforce from the Project Management Team (PMT), supervisory, foreman and direct labors were sourced within the states of Sabah and Sarawak.

This substantiate Transfame’s capability to manage bigger contract requirements. We believe all our dedicated personnel worked tirelessly in achieving the outstanding milestone and we express our greatest gratitude on their commitment and contribution in making this project runs with flying colors.